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Yearly (save 16%)


1,000Branded links
1Custom domain

Edit destination URLs
Bulk link creation
Custom URL slugs
QR Code
Private reporting
API access
Mobile app
Browser extension
App integrations
Knowledge base


5,000Branded links
Then $3/mo each 1,000
3Custom domains
Then $5/mo each
Then $5/mo each

Everything in FREE
Branded domain extras
UTM Builder
Link tags
Link notes
Emojis on links
Email support


50,000Branded links
Then $2/mo each 1,000
15Custom domains
Then $3/mo each
Then $3/mo each

Everything in SMART
Direct support


500,000Branded links
Then $1/mo each 1,000
25Custom domains
Then $2/mo each
Then $2/mo each

Everything in PRO
99.9% Uptime SLA
Increased API rate limits
Dedicated engineer support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your monthly subscription at any time. There is no signup fee, cancellation fee, or minimum term. You can use Rebrandly for as short or as long as you need.
Can I use my own domain
Of course- this is what Rebrandly is all about! Depending on the plan you select you can register or connect one or more top-level domains ( or subdomains ( to create your branded links.
Do I have to install Rebrandly on my website?
Rebrandly is a web-based service, requiring no software to install or code to write. After subscribing you will be ready to start branding links right away. No tech skills required!
How does your 30 day money back guarantee work?
If you want to cancel your subscription in the first 30 days, we'll provide a full refund of your payment- no questions asked.
How do I know your service is reliable and scalable?
Rebrandly is hosted on Amazon Web Services in multiple locations. We have a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, with public uptime reports available.
What is your privacy and data protection policy?
We take your privacy very seriously, and take extreme measures to protect your data. For full details on our privacy policy, please visit
Can I create a custom plan with other features/ options?
If you have specific needs that differ from one of our standard plans, please get in touch by emailing to discuss a custom option.
Do you have special plans for Enterprises customers?
We know that Enterprises work differently. We've got a dedicated team who can help build a tailored offer for big brands and complex organizations. If you need to discuss an Enterprise plan, email
What are the alternatives to Rebrandly?
Rebrandly offers a complete branded links service, allowing you to register a new domain as well as create, share and manage branded links all from one dashboard. The only alternative would be to purchase a domain from another provider and connect it to a link shortening service if available. No other company provides the flexibility and freedom that Rebrandly does for sharing branded links.
I have more questions about Rebrandly, how can I contact you?
Please send any questions to and we'll get back in touch with you.